10 ways to use AI in your marketing

When did you last update your Instagram bio?

Here’s 5 Quick Tips tips to add value to your profile.


10 ways to use AI in your marketing

I’m tired of opening social media or my inbox every day and being bombarded with promises of “revolutionary methods” or “secrets” or “strategies to transform your business” overnight.  Let’s be honest here:  Rather than trying to foster any kind of genuine growth in our businesses, these types of marketing campaigns offering “highly sought-after” programs are […]

Business Strategy

Read this before buying an online program

I read a post the other day that said “being at capacity in your business and turning clients away isn’t a flex. It’s a sign you need to grow your team.”.  I found myself a little disappointed—and annoyed, if I’m honest—while reading it, because while expanding your team to “stop leaving money on the table” […]

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Permission to do business your own way

Here’s something I really dislike about writing website copy….  Unless that copy gets handed over to a killer designer, you have zero control over its effectiveness.  You see, great copy and great design go hand in hand. Investing in one without the other is truly—in my humble opinion—a waste of money.  It doesn’t matter how […]


Website copy or design? Which matters more?

This 👇is one of the biggest pain points for small business owners…. Tell me if you agree.  → How to get potential customers to understand the tremendous value and quality of your goods or services so they’re willing to pay what your product or expertise is ACTUALLY worth.  The reason this can feel so hard […]

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How to communicate your value

It wasn’t that long ago that “Content Pillars” were the staple of every marketing strategy.  → Don’t know what to post about? Check your Content Pillars.  → Wondering if an idea aligns with your brand identity? Check your Content Pillars.  But with social media engagement at an all-time low and the most seemingly-random content going […]

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Are content pillars dead?

The easiest way to justify price is through process. (Read on for how to do that.)⁠ If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll have heard or read that statement from me more times than you can recall. And my response to that is — GREAT! Because it’s IMPORTANT. (Repetition if your friend, remember!)  ⁠For those […]

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#1 way to justify your price

We’re only 2 months into this New Year and if recent client conversations are anything to go by, the marketing overwhelm is already creeping in for some.  When considering how I respond in these conversations, I keep coming back to my time working with a client last year when she described herself as a “velvet […]

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Straight talking marketing advice

“Why is no one booking (or buying)?!” If inquiries are quieter than normal at the moment, you feel like you’re getting ghosted after sending a proposal, or noticing sales are on the decline, I get it! You’re not alone.  But rather than panicking, losing sleep or crossing our fingers and hoping something changes, we can […]

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Why is no one buying?

What if you could combine your everyday marketing efforts in new and interesting ways to deliver surprisingly effective results?  We’re calling it Marketing Alchemy!  Much like the alchemists of old sought to turn base metals into gold, we too can get a little creative with the marketing efforts that we’re already doing! Let me give […]

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What is Marketing Alchemy?

I recently ticked another thing off my 40 in 40 List completing my first half marathon. It was awesome. I loved it. (Well… I loved 120 of the 126 minutes of running. There was a solid kilometre in there around the 18km mark where I wondered why the hell I was torturing myself.) Anyway, during […]

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3 business lessons a half marathon taught me

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